We’ve finally found our Fastback after a year of searching. In our hunt, we even went as far as to have cars inspected in the USA to find just the right one. Then this beauty turned up on our doorstep and became the base for our rebuild.

The Bullitt Mustang  became an icon after Steve McQueen used a modified 1968 Ford Mustang in his film Bullitt. Using “state of the art” camera technology at the time, the car chase with the Dodge Charger became a classic and is still hailed today as one of the best of all time (despite the fact that the Charger lost eight hubcaps during the chase and they passed the same VW Beetle on the streets of San Francisco  in each scene).

We have been as faithful as possible  in this build to the original Bullitt car, albeit with a few concessions for the insurance broker! We have even managed to acquire the number plate JJZ 828 which is so close to the original McQueen Californian JJZ 109 number. It really completes the car.

For all your Mustang hire needs across London and the South East contact us for availability!

Want to see more of this Fastback? Follow the link below to its dedicated gallery.

The Ford Mustang Fastback

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

Horsepower: 225 

Engine: V8 289 (4.7l) A Code

Transmission: Automatic

Orientation: Left Hand Drive

Seat Belts: Lap Belts front and back

Mileage Limit: 150 per 24 hours

Self drive hire rates:

24hr Hire: £295

48hr Hire: £495

Extra days: £195 per day

Insurance deposit: £1500

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